Tenant's 'improvements'

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  • Lawcruncher
    It may come down to the precise wording of the lease or consent, but I think you are right that the basic principle has to be that a disregard is a disregard and that the premises are valued on the basis that the improvement or addition had never been made.

    I think the response has to be: "Nice try - but no."

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  • Philip Bowe
    started a topic Tenant's 'improvements'

    Tenant's 'improvements'

    I have a shop with a flat above, currently vacant. The new tenant on assignment installed (with consent) air conditioning for the shop. Now at review, obviously I cannot count the air conditioning in the shop review, as it is a disregard, but they are saying that it reduces the value of the flat because of the noise of the extractors. Surely the 'disregard' works both ways, and I can ignore the effects of the air con in my valuation of the flat. has anybody any similar experience or case law I can quote? The tenant is Iceland Foods. All help appreciated!

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