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    Tenant's 'improvements'

    I have a shop with a flat above, currently vacant. The new tenant on assignment installed (with consent) air conditioning for the shop. Now at review, obviously I cannot count the air conditioning in the shop review, as it is a disregard, but they are saying that it reduces the value of the flat because of the noise of the extractors. Surely the 'disregard' works both ways, and I can ignore the effects of the air con in my valuation of the flat. has anybody any similar experience or case law I can quote? The tenant is Iceland Foods. All help appreciated!

    It may come down to the precise wording of the lease or consent, but I think you are right that the basic principle has to be that a disregard is a disregard and that the premises are valued on the basis that the improvement or addition had never been made.

    I think the response has to be: "Nice try - but no."


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    • Reply to Lease renewal aga
      Yes and no.

      (1) Although the AGA in the existing lease will lapse on expiry of the contractual term, it is necessary to check the lease definition of "term"'.; In modern leases, term could include any statutory holding-over / continuance.

      (2) With a lease renewal,...
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    • Reply to Lease renewal aga
      Yes the aga should lapse once the original lease ends.

      See 'How long does it last?' in the following link.

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