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  • Renewal of lease

    I Have been served with a s(25) notice ending my lease but with proposals for a new one. I don't agree with these proposals so do I have to serve my own s(26) notice stating my own proposals or do I go straight to court?

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    Lease Renewal

    Your landlord has served you a section 25 notice setting out his terms for renewal. There is no need for you to serve a section 26 notice now - the section 26 applies when a tenant serves notice first.
    You need to contact your landlord to negotiate the terms on which you will be willing to agree - you may decide to use professional help here in the form of a chartered surveyor who can advise on rent levels and will handle the negoatiations for you as well if you wish etc. A few hundred pounds in professional fees at this stage can often save you a lot more in the long run.
    Failing agreement, either party can apply to court for a settlement, but you should do this as a last resort.


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      Thank you so much for your advise


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        The limit is 4 years for unauthorised building work, unless it also violates an existing planning condition, in which case it is 10 years.

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        Have a word with the building control officer at the local council.
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        It is arguable that you have security of tenure and can thus claim a lease. The mixed use will be looked at as a fact and degree test. Section 23(1) of the LTA 1954 makes it clear the tenant’s occupation does not necessarily need to be exclusively for business purposes. It is sufficient if the occupation...
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