Can ex-lessee reclaim his equipment left in premises?

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    Can ex-lessee reclaim his equipment left in premises?

    thing is

    my mate used to have a hot-food takeaway on lease ,
    the landlord sold the shop while he was in contract with 2 years left leaving him £30,000 in debt!!
    but all the machines were my mates in the shop as he had bought them,
    the current owners are using them and the machines are worth something like £5000,
    he has asked the advice beareau or something and he needs money to take landlord to court which he aint got!!
    and the current owners now refuse to pay him for his machines or the stock which he left in the shop,
    he has the paperwork and everything proving his ownership of the machines,

    also.. the machines were being paid off monthly and the company he bought them from want their money and are sending the bailiffs round my mates house,

    and hes been blackisted from loans as he also has a £100,000 mortgage

    Sorry to hear about your mate's problems. Hire a solicitor to resolve the problem.


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