Can a landlord be made responsible for tenants gas & electric?

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    Thanks doobrey - that's great information if they continue stating I am liable for the bills I can refer them those acts.


      I do agree with most people here and i have made that point with a number of companies water , Electric when they have continued to try and hound my ex tenant at the address long after they have accepted a new customer there. You could play devils advocate having explained the situation to them and if they say its you responsibility tell them to contact the tenant direct and if not ,you wish the supply terminated with immediate effect, See how your tenant, I suspect soon to be ex reacts ...after all they cant complain that you have denied them the utilities, as you have cut off what they are telling you is yours.



        The last person registered with the utility company is the previous tenant so on the above basis they should be billing him.

        "You can't register another person/business with a utility company, only they can register/sign up themselves.
        Otherwise I could register my neighbour, or even a stranger, to be liable for my utility bills."

        I far as I know you can - certainly with gas and electric I do often for domestic lets where I have been responsible during a void you just call them with a final reading and give them the name of the new tenant. I suspect you could register a neighbour liable for your bills and it would work in the short term.


          I have done some google research on deemed contracts and interestingly the supplier in question has a 17 page document setting out it's terms and conditions for a deemed contract. I can find nothing in this document that says anyone other than the occupier who uses the gas and electric is liable for the bills - I will email a link to the document to the person who said I was liable.


            Originally posted by nukecad View Post
            The accounts are not currently registered with the utility company in the tenants name ... He isn't currently liable to the utillity company for anything
            I respectfully disagree.


            the Electricity Act 1989 ... states that “where electricity is supplied otherwise than in pursuance of a contract, the supplier shall be deemed to have contacted with the occupier ... for the supply of electricity.” There are similar provisions in place for gas services embodied in the Gas Act 1986.
            OP indicated that utility company in question was notified of the most recent change in occupier. Of course there could be a dispute about what information they have been given, but in my experience in such case the burden of proof would be on the utility company. OP should not be (and I think would not be) held liable by default for their tenant's consumption.
            There is a fine line between irony and stupidity. If I say something absurd please assume that I am being facetious.


              The utility company obviously think that they can.



                The question was -

                The utility company ... [is] saying because the tenant is not "cooperating" I am responsible for the bills - is this true?
                And the answer is no.
                There is a fine line between irony and stupidity. If I say something absurd please assume that I am being facetious.


                  Electricity Act 1989, 16,
                  as amended by Utilities Act 2000


                    Didn't you call the utilities with meter readings and pass tenant details so they will be the account holders from the date the lease/tenancy started? I usually do this and they issue me with the final bill and close my account.

                    I have come across one utility supplier who gave me final bill and closed my account but said tenant has to contact them and set account with them. They have the meter readings and dates so they can't come back to me.

                    You shouldn't be held responsible for tenant gas & electric assuming you have given them the above info.


                      Meter readings were taken and agreed by the old tenant, the new tenant and me. I left it up to the old tenant to contact the utility company with the readings and the new tenant details, which he did and he received final bills.

                      It seems when the new tenant did not contact the utility provider they contacted the old tenant, got my details, put the utilities in my name and started sending me bills. Despite confirming the new tenants details sending a copy of the lease they are still sending me bills by email. I have spoken to their new tenancy team numerous times and they always say they will sort it out but never do.


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