Tenancy ending problems

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    Tenancy ending problems

    I have had a tenant for a small industrial unit for 10 years. I made a big mistake, being lenient and allowing the tenant to do alterations believing his verbal promises he will put them right when he leaves. The tenant gave his notice and leaving. I have these questions:
    1. He asked if he can use the deposit towards rent he owes until lease ends. I said no. But what can I do if he does?
    2. He is now backing down to do the promised repairs/alterations. What do I do? He is saying is part of wear and tear and been there for 10 years plus other silly excuses.
    3. As a landlord for a commercial unit, can I use small court claim for unpaid rent or for not doing required repairs? If not can I use online court claim without hiring solicitor?

    I am trying to sort it between us but feeling won't work.


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