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    Deposit Retrieval

    So I have had to send of a solicitors letter to my previous landlords, for failing to repay my deposit, they had been given almost three months and I had threatened them with this.

    The legal action at this stage is going to cost iro £450.

    Are there steps that can be taken to retrieve that?

    I’m a small business, and I paid my rent every month on time, I returned the property as stated in the agreement and the deposit return was agreed upon by the Landlord - {Name removed}

    I have reported them to Watchdog and left poor reviews wherever I could, in the least hoping it could annoy them.

    Is there anything more I can actually do?

    Naming and shaming is not allowed here, it's not your choice what legal action you potentially expose LLZ to.
    I also post as Mars_Mug when not moderating


      Originally posted by Moderator2 View Post
      Naming and shaming is not allowed here, it's not your choice what legal action you potentially expose LLZ to.
      Not my intention, name of the company was provided as part of the context.

      {Hint to company name removed} - refusing to repay a deposit to a sole-trader small business.


        It often isn't the case that people intend to expose LLZ to potential legal action when they post 'naming and shaming' threads, they often don't even realise the risks to themselves. In the past legal action has been taken against forum members, more than once, and it was very costly for those members and LLZ.

        LLZ does not have the resources to verify or support threads such as this, and there have been plenty of occasions where the thread is contrived by a competing company to discredit.

        Providing strong hints to the identity of the company or person can leave you just as liable as if you provide the name, if a judge can work out who it is you are talking about. This will also often lead to others joining in the thread to post their complaints, which again may sometimes be contrived.

        Lastly, LLZ are legally obliged to provide information which may lead to the identity of the OP when demanded.
        I also post as Mars_Mug when not moderating


          Glad you’ve completely removed the topic and context of my original ask from this thread. Thanks for all the help, chocolate teapot.


            what you could do is launch proceedings in the county court for return of your deposit and your costs in the claim. Moneyclaim on line. Pretty straightforward


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