Suing for Return of Deposit- MCOL says that I can't

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  • Suing for Return of Deposit- MCOL says that I can't


    After my troubles where the property manager was threatening to charge thousands of pounds for a Schedule of Dilapidations without any - I haven't heard anything since when I handled back the little office in immaculate condition. So I guess that has gone away.

    However, I still haven't received my deposit back since I left in August despite several stroppy emails on my part. I sent a Letter Before Action to the landlord (a large REIT) by post to their registered office, emails to their lawyer which bounced, to just about all the email addresses that I had at the property manager Savills - but I haven't received any replies.

    So I was going to stop wasting my time and just put in a small claims action for the £1500 deposit - however Money Claim on Line new Beta service says that I can't do this for "Tenancy Deposits" as they have to be registered. Is this the rubbish that I suspect it is as registering of deposits only applies to domestic rentals and not those covered by commercial Rent Deposit Deeds.

    Also should I list the building manager as a co-defendant. The Deposit Deed and the Lease didn't name them but the money was paid into their bank account and in practice they should have the people dealing with this. What is a reasonable amount that I can recover for my time as litigant in person - is it still the measly £19 per hour (I pay my employees more than this so as the boss can I charge a bit more?).

    Presumably as it is a small claims court I can't appoint solicitors and get my costs back although this should be just about as cut and dry a case as it is possible against a defendant who is good for the money.

    This is ridiculous because if I did this sort of behaviour as a private landlord I would get hung, drawn and quartered and left out to dry


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