Property sold but has not been registered.

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    Property sold but has not been registered.

    Hi First, thank you for allowing me on your site.

    OK, where to begin, I have a very small commercial yard and building. 1200sqr ft
    I've owned them since 1988.
    ​​​​​​I've had a tenant occupying the site for 25 years.

    4 years ago I decided to sell the site to the tenant and his civil partner.

    We agreed on a price and they employed a solicitor to act as their conveyancer, who sent me the forms for transfer of the property and registration with the land registry.
    I filled in all the paperwork and sent it back and picked up my money.
    Job done. 😜

    Fast forward 4 years.

    Now here's the problem, 4 weeks ago I received a letter from the above solicitors asking me to fill in an amended land transfer that is in the sole name of the ex Tenant. 😳

    I made enquiries and apparently he Never registered the sale or transfer, but 1 year ago he registered a "unilateral interest notice" on the tital deeds naming himself as benificery and excluding his cival partner.

    I've tried contacting him but he says his solicitor is dealing with the transfer etc and he wants no contact.

    So my problem is, what do I do, as far as I was concerned this was "Done and Dusted" 4 years ago.
    I don't want to be held responsible for any financial liability he may have incurred in the past 4 years.

    I'm due to retire in 2 months and I haven't been in the best of health and all of this is very worrying and confusing.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated,

    Peace and love from Liverpool England ✌🏼❤️


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