How to evict a lockup garage tenant who can’t be contacted.

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    How to evict a lockup garage tenant who can’t be contacted.


    I have a lockup garage which I have been renting for the past year to an individual who is using it to store personal possessions. The tenant signed an agreement to pay monthly rent (with no specified end date) but has been late almost every month and has not paid any rent at all in the past 6 months.

    I have tried many times to contact him but he has changed his number several times and I can’t get through on any number he has given.

    I have sent a termination of tenancy agreement letter to his last known address, giving 1 month for him to remove his possessions, but have had no reply.

    Need to know how to proceed to legally to get the garage cleared out.

    Do I need to file a claim with the small claims court?
    Do I have to get a solicitor involved?

    Thanks in advance!

    What does the signed tenancy agreement say about these matters please? Can't read it from here.

    In particular about landlord giving notice and uncollected goods?

    Whatever you do (notices, emails... clearing.. ) get records (paperwork, photos, witness ...) Of it. In case it ends up in court.

    Where did you get agreement from?
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Stick a note on the door (and photograph it) giving him one month to clear it or will be disposed of.
      Sadly I fear you will be left with a garage full of tut to get rid of . ( I once got left with a vintage Alfa Romeo that had been cut in half !!)
      One of the downsides of renting lug's.


        The tenancy agreement states that:

        “Two weeks written notice, by either party, will be given to terminate the tenancy. Upon the expiration of such notice the tenant will confirm that the premises have been left clean and empty and return the keys that may apply to the garage/security gate. In the event of rent remaining unpaid or there being any breach of the aforementioned, it shall be lawful at any time for the garage to be entered and repossessed.”

        Is this sufficient to give me the legal authority to remove any items remaining and sell or dispose of them by the end of the termination period?

        Is there any official paperwork I need to issue to this effect such as TORT Interference of Goods?



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