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    Commercial Sublet/just want out

    I have signed a commercial sublease agreement for 3 years. I have not oaid a premium but my rent was twice as much, as the leaseholders rent. I have tried to make it work, but despite being on a very bisy street I could not survive. Since, based on my sublease agreement, I found people, who agreed to enter into a partnership with me. We agreed, that they would act as managers, manage the whole business, pay me weekly rent and everything stays on my name (council tax, utilities etc). As I am the business rates payer, I received all the grants, but passed it all to the partner.
    Now my lease is coming to an end in august and based on our partnership agreement they either get out or take the lease officially over.
    I have to mention our leaseholder is a very unreasonable person, and permanently suggested the we remain the legal sublease holders (if we dont surrender, lease automatically renews another 2 years). All we do is really stand between the owner and partners and pass aling rent from partner to leaseholder and are legally respobsible for rent. So of course I am bot interested any linger and there is of course no garantuee the partner will stay!!
    After telling him many many times and being really determined about it they agreed to prepare a new lease with the partner on different terms. Less rent for him!!
    bow the signing of the lease has taken many many months!!
    I am not sure if the partner and leaseholder have agreed to just pass the time so my lease gets extented.....?
    its always this week, next week, soon but nothing is really happening. Whenever I message the partner about the lease he will not go into this topic.
    I wrote to him last week that I will cancel all services on juky 15th and changed login information to the accounts. Today he asks me if I can transfer the account to his name. I said sure, once you sign the lease... After which he did not reply back.

    Now either the partner has to leave in 4 weeks, so I have 3 weeks to bring back the shop to its original state and surrender or they sign the new lease and become officially the new subletters. This is also written out in our partnership agreement.

    Now my questions:

    1. What can I do to make the partner leave? I could cancel all services, since I am the legal occupierr, but he has also his limited company registered to that adress.

    2. I could change the locks, while they are open or at night and empty the shop and tell them to collect their equipment

    3. My lease ends 7/8 but I am still due to make a payment on 6/25 for the quarter. Do I pay the whole quarterly payment or just 5 weeks which is remaining for my lease come to an end..


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