Looking for a Commercial Lease template for a retail shop

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    Looking for a Commercial Lease template for a retail shop

    Hi all,
    Please could you point me in the right direction for a Commercial Lease template for a shop my mother owns (currently used as a barbers), which has a residential flat above (this is let separately, & there is no access from the retail shop into the flat)?

    I've looked at the documents available on here, but the only Commercial Lease I've found is for a "unit in a parade of shops owned by the same landlord", which does not apply to us.
    Please could someone recommend a starting point to help find something suitable ?

    Trying to help my 74 year old mother sort out the property which she inherited when my father passed away, which did not have an official lease in place (just a verbal agreement between my father & the tenant).
    We haven't got money to burn, so can't afford to see a solicitor to do the lease for us, so we are hoping to find a cheaper version online...

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me !

    I would suggest that you consult a Chartered Surveyor for advice. Not only would he be able to advise as to what rent you could charge the tenant he may be able to direct you to a solicitor who does Commercial Leases. And it has been my experience (as a tenant) that many Landlords make the tenant pay the solicitors costs for the creation of a new lease. (although in the last lease I had done I shared the cost with the tenant)
    In addition as your mother is elderly, it is essential that you take legal advice on the present situation, what you dont want to do is find that say in 10 years time that if she wants to sell she gets a low price because the tenant has acquired the "right to stay forever" Insomuch that his tenancy may be within the 1954 Landlord & Tenant act.
    You should also be aware that many leases have the tenant responsible for any repairs and many landlords have a Chartered Surveyor do an inspection called a Schedule of Dilapidations (I was fortunate that the solicitor who drew up a lease for me (£750) included a clause which said that if I had a Schedule of Dilapidations done I was able to charge the tenant)
    Also be careful with Building insurance Since new regulations came in Insurance Companies are tightening up On a shop I rented out the Insurance Company suddenly did an inspection and said " I want to see an Electrical Safety Certificate and a Fire Risk Assessment" we had neither. I rang a Chartered Loss Assessor I knew and he said that if there was an electrical fire and there was no Electrical Safety Certificate the claim would be refused. etc.
    (I would add that the Chartered Surveyor I asked about what to charge my tenant came and had a look at the shop and said that he had an investor who would buy it, and we received a good offer. )


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