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    Tenant communication

    The tenant renting my shop below my flat is getting a little awkward and just wondering how to approach it when I see them next.

    Tenancy ends in November but my solicitor said to text a friendly reminder to say you’re 5 years is up and I’m not renewing. So did that a week ago and he wasn’t happy and demanded to know why and what I’m doing with the shop but I didn’t reply.

    Tonight he sent me a nasty message and then said if I chuck him out he’ll vandalise the shop plus he said there is a vermin problem and that I made him do illegal repairs to the property. I replied saying no need too be nasty and that if there’s major problems with the property why are you now telling me after I’ve said I am not renewing? It’s nothing personal just business. He then deleted all the WhatsApp messages and said he wants to setup a meeting to talk about it. Legally do I have to talk too him about this? I’d rather just have my solicitor serve notice and be done about it. I told him any problems with the property email me and if you feel the council needs to be involved then do it but don’t mess me about.

    They do pay on time but they open literally 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also I’ve had many complaints from residents about there behaviour and poor parking so after 5 years I’ve had enough. First month he was there they damaged my car and then refused to pay for it

    if the lease/tenancy is outside LTA54 then the tenant would have no legal right to remain in occupation on expiry of the contractual term. No notice is required: he must vacate.

    If the lease/tenancy is in inside LTA - (if outside the lease would say so. either contain the statutory proof and/or in a separate document - then you would have to serve s25 notice opposing renewal on one or more of the grounds stipulated in s30 LTA54. The notice must give a minimum of 6 months notice. Whether the opposition would be successful depends. Your solicitor should deal with the procedure, advise on the ground(s) to oppose on and the likelihood of succeeding.

    As the tenant has got nasty, i suggest the next time you see him you tell him you have asked your advisers to deal with the matter and you are not getting directly involved and he'll be hearing from them shortly.. he won't like that but nothing he can do, other than get stroppy.


      You have just dropped a bombshell on him and told him that he is going to have to leave the pace where his business has been operating for 5 years.
      He'll have to find somewhere new to rent (or buy), relocate, move all his equipment and stock, change all his business registrations, throw away any already printed paperwork, advertsing flyers etc., with the costs all of that involves.
      And possibly lose the regular clientele he has built up over those 5 years.

      And you wonder why he got upset?
      As you say nothing personal, he is just worried about his business.

      He is probably worrying that even if he finds somewhere nearby to start again a rival business may open up in your premises.
      Or even that you plan to do it yourself and 'steal' the business that he has built up over 5 years.

      You've given plenty of notice though; so give him time to think about things and calm down.
      It sounds as if he may have calmed down already, and now wants to talk and make plans for the future.

      BTW. What kind of business is it?


        I tell him then talk to my solicitor from now on. Just can’t be bothered with him anymore. If I’m honest I never wanted to rent too him but my gf used to do business with his father and assured me he was fine. He just the most ignorant person I’ve ever dealt with in life. Lease is inside the act

        it’s a gardening business and his whole family are there with loads of cars parking like Ray Charles, Being loud and treating the shop like a social club. Weekends him and his mates would park all over the car park which meant me and my tenants in the flats couldn’t park. Loading vans at 11pm at night waking everyone up but apparently anyone moaning about it is out of order. The final straw was about a year ago I asked his daughter to move her car out of my 2 spaces. He called me saying I threatened to hit her but after me and him argued about it and he refused to show me the cctv of me trying too punch her. Just had enough


          Originally posted by Raiden328i View Post
          It’s nothing personal just business.
          Are you sure about that?

          You last post sounds like you have quite a few personal issues going on there.
          Fair enough if you want him out for personal reasons that's your choice, but why pretend (even to yourself) otherwise.


            It’s definitely personal now. I told him if you feel I made you do something illegal then feel free to contact the proper authorities. But be warned I have an email from you that you’re tradesmen had certificates to carry out the work and you insisted on doing the work so you got a discount in rent. If you feel I made you do something wrong why do it? Didn’t your parents ever tell you if someone asks you to jump off a bridge don’t do it.


              Over the years I've dealt with several matters where the landlord lives over the shop let to an unrelated tenant. Rare to find that landlord and tenant get on. Usually something that annoys one of them.



                well today the relationship broke and not sure how this saga will end. If anything I want to have a bit of a rant

                So yesterday evening I got home and noticed a car next to mine in my residential tenants space with a for sale sign. I knew the couple renting the flat from me wouldn’t be happy plus I couldn’t get in my car door. I texted the idiot in the shop and asked if he knew who’s car it was? He said no idea so I said to him ok well I’ll report it to the police for no tax and mot plus looking online it’s insured as a van.

                So this morning it’s still there and I’ve called the number and no answer. Now I’m really annoyed as he dumped a sign on wheels taking up space on the driveway and now this stupid car. So I moved mine into one of his spaces and told my tenants use my space. Later that morning him and his brother called my wife kicking off and this car is to do with his brother. So she said shift it and then we can move my car. They refused and said if mine isn’t moved they will tow it off. He then called me ranting and I just said if you touch it I’ll just report it to the police.

                As he knows I’m not scared of him he continues to call my wife constantly for 2 hours so in the end she left her business up the road and went to move it. He made my wife come in the shop and he’s gone mental (all voice recorded) and she got into a state and unfortunately I’m stuck at work. She moved my car and gone back to work and in the meantime he’s ripped my ‘unauthorised vehicle signs’ and then stuck them on my car which luckily my dashcam picked up. He then kept calling her saying what he’s going to do too me when I get home lol. Now my wife’s sister (bloody typical) came to visit her at work and she’s heard all this and seen the state my wife is in and stormed off to the shop. Dunno if it was a good or bad thing as she is a bunny boiler and she’s kicked off. Looking back at the cctv after my sister in law left he locked up the shop and went. I just know what she’s like and he underestimated her. He’s face was a picture.

                He keeps calling us which we have ignored and ended up telling the police. They said they want to talk too us as he does have a bit of a reputation. I’d rather they deal with it as if me and him talk it won’t end well.


                  Is this an extract from a script for Eastenders?

                  Calm down and start talking to each other instead of shouting and making threats.


                    I wish it was eastenders, that would be a walk in the park.

                    I won’t go out of my way to go talk too him. But hoping in a few days he will calm down so we can try and work this out


                      Have you formally served him with the S25 yet?

                      If so, has he responded?


                        So the T is one month in arrears and his mobile phone is disconnected and not answering my emails.

                        If you’ve seen my other threads me and him have fallen out and I live above the shop. I gave him notice and his lease is up at the end of November. I know we’re his new business is and we’re he lives and my shop has been shut a couple weeks now. If he then goes 2 months in arrears should I let the solicitor take care of it or pay him a visit?


                          Let the solicitor take care of it, as would probably have been best from the start.


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