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  • flyingfreehold
    You want to give notice to bring the tenancy to a legal end; as it will expire contractually, and otherwise just "hold over" under Part II of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. The tenant is entitled to now less than six months notice so unless they elect to walk out clearing all their cr4p and give you the keys back your notice, served now will not be effective. If you gave a notice tomorrow it would have to expire on 5th June 2021. Why do you want the tenants out? Do they pay the rent? What grounds would you go under? My advice is to talk to your tenants and say can we have an informal discussion regarding the premises, without prejudice to each others legal position Ask the tenants. What would suit you?

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  • teen21
    started a topic Renew commercial lease question

    Renew commercial lease question

    As a commercial landlord i have a tenant with a 6 month rolling contract that finishes around Jan 2021 . Is it ok to just give a months notice from either of us ?? I have never had to give anyone notice so not sure ..Any advice welcome please ..

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