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    Renew commercial lease question

    As a commercial landlord i have a tenant with a 6 month rolling contract that finishes around Jan 2021 . Is it ok to just give a months notice from either of us ?? I have never had to give anyone notice so not sure ..Any advice welcome please ..

    You want to give notice to bring the tenancy to a legal end; as it will expire contractually, and otherwise just "hold over" under Part II of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. The tenant is entitled to now less than six months notice so unless they elect to walk out clearing all their cr4p and give you the keys back your notice, served now will not be effective. If you gave a notice tomorrow it would have to expire on 5th June 2021. Why do you want the tenants out? Do they pay the rent? What grounds would you go under? My advice is to talk to your tenants and say can we have an informal discussion regarding the premises, without prejudice to each others legal position Ask the tenants. What would suit you?


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    • Reply to Section 25 extension request
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      The right for the parties to agree to extend the end date in a s25 notice avoids the tenant having to make application to court before the end date in the notice to protect renewal rights which means also case management proceedings. If you as the landlord refuse, 'it is not obligatory to agree, then...
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    • Estoppel land ownership dispute over leasehold property
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    • Reply to Estoppel land ownership dispute over leasehold property
      by Lawcruncher
      So the boundary fence was in the wrong place when you bought and you moved it when the buyer spotted it?

      Whatever Mr X's status he never granted a legal interest because there was nothing done in writing. There does not look like there is a case for estoppel. The neighbour has not been...
      25-02-2021, 23:02 PM
    • Reply to Estoppel land ownership dispute over leasehold property
      by helpmenot
      Thanks for the replies.

      We bought in 2015 from "a finance consortium, who took over from a firm who repossessed the property."
      We weren't able to raise any general or specific enquiries for this reason.
      No boundary agreement was disclosed.
      The neighbours...
      25-02-2021, 19:53 PM
    • Reply to Estoppel land ownership dispute over leasehold property
      by Lawcruncher
      Please clarify the history.

      What was the position when you bought?

      What have you done since you bought?

      Was the boundary agreement disclosed when you bought?

      If the boundary agreement is in writing have you seen it?
      25-02-2021, 10:26 AM
    • Reply to Estoppel land ownership dispute over leasehold property
      by rentreviewspecialist
      According tom the Land Registry, property boundaries are shown only in a general way on the Title Plan. To determine their positions and ownership more precisely it is necessary to look at each of the Land Registry documents for every bordering property, and to determine what these documents collectively...
      25-02-2021, 10:09 AM
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