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    Freehold communal electricity

    I'm currently facing an issue, I've been with a business electricity provider for the last 8 years, my usage is very low, less than £140-£160 a year or 500-600KW pa, as it's only powering the communal areas (security lights and hallway) in a small block of flats. The energy provider has now said they will not renew the business as they are now dropping all SME's who use less than 100,000 KW. The dilemma, now is there is no one I can find who will supply me. I've used a broker, but he has increased the usage to the requirement that the company will accept with out my knowledge, only told me the unit price and stand charge, and just got a bill for £100 for just 1 month (it's an estimated reading), the problem will be that I will be in credit by over £1000 by 12 months. I can't take out a residential tariff as they all see the landlord supply as a commercial, but the commercial providers have a minimum unit to be consumed annually.

    Any one else had this issue, I've called the top 15 energy companies with no luck (both new energy providers and those who have been in the industry for years).

    That is very interesting as there are hundreds if not thousands of landlord accounts just running a bit of lighting etc. try uswitch for business


      Tried them, but they farm it off to brokers, I've now managed to fix it for 3 years, at what seems extortionate rates from my previous supplier and comparing with my own residential tariff, now will be paying over £280 per year. At least it is now done and don't need to worry about it for a while.

      Was considering a PAYG Meter but I don't think it would be sensible as the fire alarm system is part of the LL supply. Will see what the prices are after 3 years and weigh off the cost of solar panels to feed into it, but depends on the cost of the installation etc.


        Did you try just switching online via comparison site and MPAN number ?
        I have half a dozen communal energy accounts all on standard residential tariff and I fail to see how they could classify it as commercial unless you volunteered that information.


          As soon as the supply is for other than a household, its commercial. The energy companies prefer this, so that they can rip you off for a bit more. If you are a landlord whose properties are in a limited company, even if residential flats and houses the energy companies will try to classify as commercial.


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            Having been inundated with requests for rent holidays/concessions/relief some which i believe to be genuine but others less so, i wanted to gauge feedback from other landlords on how they approached this and what if any concessions they offered?
            18-09-2020, 17:14 PM
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            Of the 3 that you rejected, are the paying in full?
            Much of this boils down to what type of business they are. Some are not affected by C19, some were forced to stop trading and some are doing better than before C19. I guess this determines if they feel they should pay the rent or not
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            Have you checked with the Land registry ? If the shop is ona 999 yr lease the rent is normaly a peppercorn. your Man co should collect managment fees and Building insurance, maintanance contrebutions. you realy need to check the lease to see their obligations....
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            Rejected requests for three tenants, but considering proposing temporary reduction for two long standing tenants. I've tried to take a pragmatic approach so far. I've rejected any request if there is even the slightest feeling i'd be funding tenants lifestyles rather than helping them keep their business...
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          • Reply to Rent Concessions
            by darkstar
            I didn't approach it , tenants approached me. I offered a reduction which was refused. A month or two later we are putting the finishing touches to a CCJ.
            How did you approach it?
            18-09-2020, 21:54 PM
          • Reply to Rent Concessions
            by AndrewDod
            Ask if their energy company, water supplier, city council and local supermarket have offered similar concessions. You will match those by way of a temporary loan.

            Strange how only some seem to be needing to be the subject of this facilitated theft encouraged by government....
            18-09-2020, 18:21 PM
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            But I would welcome any views first.

            I have a Gym in a former business / light industrial premises.

            Before we started,...
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            The trouble with asking is that you might get the answer you don't want. Its not the advice an advisor would give you but I'd be inclined just to carry on and hope for the best and be prepared to appeal/ hold petitions./prevail on Councilors if served with an order to discontinue which is fairly un...
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