CRAR and recovering overdue rent & insurance

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    CRAR and recovering overdue rent & insurance

    My commercial tenant's rental and insurance account is well overdue - dating back to well before the Covid-19 situation we all find ourselves in.
    I realise that I can't pursue the insurance element of the account using CRAR.

    Can anyone advise of the best way to proceed:

    Should I employ the services of a solicitor to recover the debt?

    Could I do it myself? If I *did* do it myself, how should I go about recovering the insurance elelment - County Court?

    Many thanks in advance!

    yes use money claim on line. Most tenants will cough up when they get a summons through the letterbox. All it will cost you to lay out is the issue fee which is added to the debt


      Thanks for your advice!
      Would you think it would be in order for me to issue a MCOL summons for the entire debt (insurance AND overdue rent) or does CRAR limit how I can claim?


        CRAR is different to MCOL.
        CRAR cannot be used to recover payments described in the lease as rent: only the rent proper. No limit on the amount for CRAR.


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