Landlord failed to secure my 'broken into' garage for 5 days

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    Landlord failed to secure my 'broken into' garage for 5 days

    I have been in-dispute with the management company who manage my rented lock up garage. I have rented it for over 3 years.

    I have been warning the company that over half the garages at this site have been broken into due to the poor quality of the old doors.

    I last warned them on March the 27th.

    On the 14th of April my garage was broken into. They got into my car and rifled through some boxes left behind the car.

    I immediately phoned the management company to make them aware. They sent someone to temporarily screw the door shut 5 DAYS LATER.

    I explained that that would leave my garage vulnerable but they said they were unable to send anyone till then. They say corona virus is the reason,
    but I know security companies kept operating during that time for situations such as this. I suspect the contractor they use was cheap so they chose to wait.

    My door was eventually replaced a month later so I had no access for a month. I discovered that much of what was in there had been stolen.

    It may have been stolen AFTER the initial break-in when the door was still unsecured.

    There is damage to my cars bodywork as well - caused by the thief and this again may have happened after the initial break in.

    Do I have grounds to sue the company for not showing duty of care to me, and also ignoring my requests for a more secure door for the last year?

    Someone has suggested sending a 'letter of intent' to ask for damages before escalating to court proceedings.

    The company have been ambivalent about my situation and say the Landlord had no money to do more.

    The whole site is a mess and I have documented this with pictures and film over the last year.

    They say they are not responsible for security and I only rent a space. If this was the case, I would be better off leaving the car on the road.

    I have refused to transfer this months rent - but I will probably do so before I take this further.

    Any advise would be very welcome. It's been quite stressful.

    I rent a garage which sounds similar to yours. I pay under £20 per week, so I accept that the door is not going to be replaced any time soon. Could the same be said for yours?


      If you require a secure storage facility you clearly need a different arrangement: You seem to have been more than unhappy with the deal you're paying for for some time. When I'm paying money for something I'm unhappy with, after trying to get things fixed but with no luck I go elsewhere.

      Buy your own garage?

      PS I've not stuck any of my cars in any garage for decades. And I own 3 garages, and the wife has one at her house (where we live). Surely garages are used to store anything but vehicles? That's what;s the case with almost all I see if they are open...
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        I pay £65 a month.


          There are several issues here:

          a) You are responsible for your own insurance. The landlord has no responsibility for that or the loss of your items. Your insurance premium wiull take account of the nature of the facility and the nature of what you store.
          b) Any robber or even a 10 year old child armed with information can open an average garage in 10 minutes flat. If you want to store valuable stuff use a self-storage facility, or specifically rent a facility that advertises secure storage (with multiple dead bolts, a solid steel door that cannot be cut even with one of those sparky flame things, and cctv).
          c) Presumably you understood the nature of the door (ie. an average garage door) when you rented it?


            All the above understood. My point is that they refused to secure the door for 5 days.


              Did they refuse or were they just unable to get anyone out to fix it? I've had problems getting handymen out to fix things.


                Originally posted by redhanded View Post
                All the above understood. My point is that they refused to secure the door for 5 days.
                5 days is pretty short.

                I think the bottom line in terms of the main question you are asking: "Do I have grounds to sue the company for not showing duty of care to me, and also ignoring my requests for a more secure door for the last year?":

                You can sue whoever you like but I don't think you stand much chance here.


                  They say they were unable. Truth is they wanted to use their regular company that were cheaper I suspect.


                    "We chose to use our regular supplier, the quality of who's work is well known to us, are 100% reliable and know the garages really well.
                    Luckily, they were able to get to doors secure within 5 days (ideally 2 of which were a weekend)".

                    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                      To be fair 5 days is pretty good.

                      PC (Pre-covid) we had the lock fail, everyone we tried was busy, at least a week to come out.
                      Fortunately I am quite happy, Grabbed a padlock hasp thing and took my drill, some bolts, 2 part adhesive bolts... Secured it that way for the tenant, but that still took me 3 days from memory.
                      Day 1 - tenant calls lunch time with problem, try to find someone to come out,
                      Day 2 still trying to find someone, soonest I can get is a touch over a week away, go to B&Q after work and grab parts to fix
                      Day 3 on site fixing it myself. garage peeps out the week after to fix.


                        What is your loss for them not securing the door earlier?
                        You need to quantify this for a claim.

                        It seems to me that you had known about the insecurity of the garage for some time, had not taken any action to make it more secure, and continued to use it. You then did not take any action when you found it had been broken into, either to make it secure or to remove the remaining valuable items.

                        Personally, I would have fitted a padlock or three.


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