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    Business Rates Grant

    Hi, I rent a 1st floor unit for my business and have just applied for the governments £10,000 Covid 19 grant, rateable value £6,400, a business below on ground floor is saying their workshop is included in my rate assessment and that they want 50% of my grant.
    this business also operates an adjoining ground floor unit for which they have separate rates and are already claiming a £10,000 Covid 19 grant, they said that as they pay rent on the workshop in my assessment they are entitled to half the grant.
    The landlord said sort it out between you, as he is not willing to have the current configuration rate assessed.

    Any advice would be most appreciated as I cannot find anything on this subject on the net.


    There is a government website which if you look up the details of what they base your Business Rates on they will show how many square feet you are assessed on and what the uses are.
    Then you look up the adjoining business details and see if the workshop is included within their assessment.
    If it turns out that you have been paying business rates for an adjoining business's workshop you immediately apply for a rate refund.

    And with respect you should not discuss your application for government grant with your neighbour.
    In your case I would say that you are not going to bother, or tell him to go away.


      The Government Website is;


        The local authority have discretion to pay grants over and above the strict wording. Try. They may well give you a grant of your own. They don't really care, its not their money. The only thing they cant be flexible over is what was the actual configuration on 11th March 2020


          Depending on the sector they are not allowed part of your grant or rather they would not be allocated any additional money even if they paid the business rates on your unit,,,,,

          A Business can only get one grant under the Small Business Grant i.e. 10k no matter how many premises.
          A businesses eligible for the Retail/Hospitality/Leisure Grants can claim one grant per eligible business rate address.

          This is just my personal view, get it checked by the local authority, All the best


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