Is Sub Metering ILLEGAL?

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    Is Sub Metering ILLEGAL?

    I rent a small shop which has a flat above and 2 outbuildings I have no access to. The flat has its own electricity supply but my supply is also supplying the outer buildings which we wasn’t told about prior to leasing, as the supply is in my name I’m having to pay for a supply that I’m not using and I receive no contribution from tenants of these buildings or my landlord ... help!!!!

    That does not seem to be sub-metering, (which is legal if done correctly) unless the outer buildings have their own meters?

    If the outer buildings are using your metered supply without contributing then bring things to a head to get the problem taken seriously.

    Flip the switches in your consumer unit to disconect the supply to the outbuildings.

    If you don't know which ones then just turn the whole supply off at the meter.
    You will be without power but so will they.

    Someone in the outbuildings will soon make their voice heard when their power goes off.
    If their power doesn't go off then its not going through your meter.

    I have similar where a large outbuilding does not have it's own meter. I turned my whole supply off and it still had power, so I told my neighbours to do the same in case it was on their bills.


      The outer buildings don’t have their own meter, the supply is split after the meter and I get the bill for us all, my landlord cannot get any contributions from the people he lets those other buildings to. Should the supply be in his name do you know as I cannot afford almost £3,400 every 6 months I only power 4 lights a tv and my tattoo equipment, we don’t have a gas supply either

      thanks for reply



        When you wrote to landlord, keeping copy,about the electric query what response did you get?

        Yes, switch power off & wait & see who shouts!
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          It could be helpful to you to establish their usage. If you turn off all the switches at the consumer unit and one by one flick each switch up and establish what it supplies and label each one as you do. That will help you in the future if you have an elecrical problem anyway. This will identify which ones supply the outbuildings. Then you will be in a position to turn off all your supplies and monitor theirs. Take readings. The longer the better. To find out how much they are using. This knowledge will arm you with the actual usage when the landlord or the other tenant argue that its only for a few lights.
          Mrs Dingle


            Originally posted by KazzaHallett79 View Post
            The outer buildings don’t have their own meter, the supply is split after the meter and I get the bill for us all
            As above, turn off the power at the meter before the split.

            I realise this will leave your tattoo business without power, rearrange appointments for that day and balance any loss of a days business against paying for someone elses electricty.

            If you are absolutely sure that they are using your supply then I would talk to your electricty supplier and tell them you suspect that there is a case of "Abstraction of Electricity" happening.

            That's a criminal offence and they are very, very, keen on investigating abstraction offencies.
            (Because it's often a cannabis farm doing the abstraction - Not saying that is the case here, it's just why they are keen to invistate).


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