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    Taking a managing agent to court

    Hi all,
    Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong section.
    I would like to know if anyone can recommend me a no-win no fee solicitor that is expert at dealing with a rogue managing agent?
    I believe that service charge funds are being mismanaged as a large part of the building is being neglected and the work being done is to a poor standard in general.
    Answers have been posted to the agent but no responses are ever received.
    I have some experience of LEASE, but have found the legal advice they provide quite confusing.
    Ideally it would be useful to sit down in front of a specialist and see if I have a case or not.
    This would also mean I don't have to reach into my own pockets to take legal action.
    Any recommendations or advice is very appreciated?
    Thanks for reading

    Helix law are very good with lease problems. You could also try Brady solictors.


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      ""Never buy a commercial property with a tenant who is holding over. The tenant has obligations towards his previous landlord, who held the original lease. But as soon as you buy, you have no rights as landlord. The tenant can do what he or she likes. Including not paying you! And he can also...
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      by rentreviewspecialist
      You could let it on a tenancy-at-will. Provided the document is properly worded, a true TAW doesn't have protection under LTA54.

      However, since you don't know how long it's going to take to complete the conversion project, I think it would be better to grant a formal lease that excludes...
      19-02-2020, 09:58 AM
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      by ATC
      I think that a lease of less than six months is outside the protections of the landlord and tenant act 1952 but the problem is that if you found tenants that you were getting along with and they were paying their way it could easily happen that you let them stay longer, accepting rent from then they...
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      I obviously want to...
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    • Reply to Commercial Lease - Tenant wants out
      by ATC
      I suggest you reply by saying you will accept back the keys for the purpose of putting the property on the market with an agent without accepting surrender, on the understanding that you will accept surrender immediately prior to granting a new lease. By this course of action the existing tenant remains...
      15-02-2020, 18:34 PM
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      by Lawcruncher
      If you go into possession you end the lease and with it the right to any rent from the date of possession. Whilst offering the property to let on the open market may not amount to taking possession it is a risk according to precisely what you do. Bear in mind that if you maintain the lease is continuing...
      12-02-2020, 00:06 AM
    • Reply to Commercial Lease - Tenant wants out
      by bald555
      Many thanks, I did ask a solicitor online also and they advised to either let the 18 months run before enforcement or enforce now (month 1), take possession and claim the amount due until it is re-let?
      11-02-2020, 18:45 PM