Use PD to convert a small shop to Studio

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    Use PD to convert a small shop to Studio

    Hi Guys

    I have a query regrind above.

    Just a little about the property

    It has 3 flats and a shop.

    2 flats above the shop and a basement flat below it.

    The shop is aprox 24s1mtr with a toilet a the back. It had been last(3yrs ago) used by an accountant. It has been empty since then.

    The intention is to extend the toilet to house the shower. Install a small good size Kitchen it will have a oven unit with 300mm unit either side., sink unit and two wall unit. It has space for double but will only want to put in a single bed. It can still have space for coffee and/or two seat dining table.

    I email a plan drawn by an architect for advise and this was there response.

    "Thanks for your reply.

    I had a look at your proposal, which is way below the minimum national standard of 37-39sqm for a studio flat. I attach the minimum standards for reference.

    I can also see at the rear a wall projecting towards the back with a small window. That window due to its location in such close proximity to the bathroom window at the proposed flat, would raise significant amenity concerns in terms of overlooking and loss of privacy to the future occupiers and existing ones in the other flat.

    If you would like further advice, please submit a pre-app and we would look at it into more detail.

    See the link below for details."

    Addressing the window it is a long sash window. It is at the back with one floor access from the basement flat and it will need a thief to climb a long ladder to peek through and there are no neighbours opposite as the nearest window is some 100mtrs which it self is frosted and with grills on the outside.

    Also I can make the window a bit small as it will need chaining anyway.

    I knew the size was going to be a concern. But some one advised me I can use the Permitted Development on an empty property and convert it simply by informing the authority.

    I would like some advice on what to put in my statement if this is allowed on such a small area.

    Thanks in advance.

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