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    Remedial Work Question

    The shop I rent recently changed owners. During the sale the buyer (my current landlord) had a surveyor come through who found moisture in walls in one of the rooms. Long story short after the sale I get a letter from his solicitor informing me of my duty of pay for the remedial work. He included two highly priced quotes with minimum 10 year warranty for the work done. He refuses to accept any other repair solution because (as per his word, never seen any evidence of it) he made an arrangement with his lender that this is how the issue will be resolved.

    I have what I am told "a pretty standard lease" which does require me to address repairs of the shop. My question is, does it require me to oblige to his terms and pay for what he is asking me to do or do I have options? In addition, this was an issue before I even signed the lease. I didn't have a surveyor come through, but I did have a tradesman point it out to me who can attest to it. Is that still my responsibility?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you look on the government website there is a commercial lease that you can download for free. You just add to make it relevant for your premises.
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    Thanks for that...
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    evicting a commercial tenant is entirely different to the regime in evicting residential tenants. My advice is to offer the tenant to pay under a weekly standing order; a quarter's rent in advance can be quite difficult to find. If you are going for possession it must be the case that nothing has been...
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