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    Sound insulation between Units

    I am an investor in a gym operating out of a former warehouse unit in an industrial area. The unit next to us (owned by same LL) is becoming vacant, and I am checking out the risk of future noise complaints.

    The business is a gym which uses music. We have the correct use class covering us from early morning to essentially midnight - as opposed to a lot of gyms which just rock-up to an industrial unit, rent it, and use it unlawfully without obtaining a change from B1 to D2. Given the paperwork and cost involved, I can understand why this happens.

    However I am familiar with Councils (especially in planning) having a habit of making and implementing-irredeemably kneejerk decisions without finding out the relevant information first or consulting appropriately, in areas of expertise where the person making the decision does not see to have the necessary knowledge or experience.

    Therefore I treat Local Councils - especially Planning teams - as elephants which stand on things and break them slightly at random, as a necessary precautionary measure based on bitter experience.

    I am after comment on a couple of points:

    1 - Does a Local Council have a remit to deal with sound complaints between neighbouring office / industrial units? Or is this an area purely for the landlord where residential or public ie on-street amenity is not involved? Can someone supply me with a cite on that?

    2 - This is the spec on the dividing wall (which to me looks pretty robust, with the only thing I can question is whether the top part of the wall is hollow or filled with something useful rather than space)

    "215mm block wall to 4.2m height and jumbo stud fire partition over with head movement joint and infill consisting of 146 c stud @600c/c with 2 layers of 12.5mm wallboard to both faces".

    Obviously I am going to go and stand in the next door unit to assess any possible issue whilst the current tenant is still there. No issues whatsoever to date, but they could potentially be replaced by something more sensitive to noise.

    Landlords I can deal with and influences. Also Councils, but they are more unpredictable and are given to peculiar lunges in random directions for completely unfathomable reasons, which turn out to be both expensive and unnecessary.


    Refer Mad Regulators to Arkell vs Pressdram.

    I wouldn't concern myself. If someone rents a place next to a gym, they would surely notice it when they viewed.


      Originally posted by JK0 View Post
      I wouldn't concern myself. If someone rents a place next to a gym, they would surely notice it when they viewed.
      I'm not concerned, but unfortunately other people are. And if I have a good answer to the questions I can head them off at the pass !
      Refer Mad Regulators to Arkell vs Pressdram.


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