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  • lisac
    started a topic Subtenant eviction notice

    Subtenant eviction notice

    18 months ago, with our landlord's agreement, we sold a shipping container to a friend for her to convert for her business use on our site. As we were friends we didn't have a formal written agreement, just a verbal one for one third of the rent. 18 months on we have had one single rent payment this month. There are other shared costs, agreed verbally, that she has yet to pay for; and items relating to branding, signage etc that I paid for which has just been reimbursed although as she hasn't stated what the money was for we have said it was for these expenses.

    I emailed her with a breakdown of all costs and so far we have received no payment t although we have had a meeting. She has made no acknowledgment that she has failed to lay her rent or costs. I'm seeing a solicitor on Wednesday but to save my sanity before then I wondered if we had the right to give her notice to quit and remove her container as the rent is so far 18 months in arrears. Even if she pays it do we still have the right to ask her as we feel this is unreasonable behaviour and do not want her on our business site.

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  • Sole Trader to Limited Lease

    I am looking for some advice if possible. I have been a tenant in an industrial unit for 8 years now and am half way through my second 5 year lease. I decided to go limited for tax reasons a few months ago and didn’t think I needed to tell my landlord as the lease is my name and...
    06-09-2019, 18:07 PM
  • Reply to Sole Trader to Limited Lease
    In my experience, the op's situation is not unusual, particularly amongst small businesses. In principle, there is nothing to prevent a person(s) using the premises to trade through a limited company, but for purpose of the lease the person is the legal tenant regardless. Rent is payable by the legal...
    11-09-2019, 12:12 PM
  • Electricity Sub-Station Lease Renewal
    Peter G May
    A substation lease in a Church Car Park has expired. In a 1954 Act Lease Renewal I would expect the tenant to pay market rent but will this be restricted due to the user clause, if any? The lease dates from 1965 and although it refers to the electricity supplier it does not in my view have strict user
    06-09-2019, 16:17 PM
  • Reply to Electricity Sub-Station Lease Renewal
    I don't think there are any rent restrictions in legislation. The user clause is likely to be the valuation issue. I suggest reading Northern Electric v Addison (1997), [1997] 39 EG 175...
    11-09-2019, 11:54 AM
  • estimated utility bill
    Tenant moved out in February. Utility company has billed the landlord from February based on an estimated read. we do not have a read from when the tenant moved out. current estimate is £6,000. We have sent the company a reading showing last weeks reading and they have over estimated by 40,000...
    27-08-2019, 06:20 AM
  • Reply to estimated utility bill
    I'm unsure of the legalities but I always refuse to pay estimated bills. If I receive such a bill I supply the company with the correct readings and treat all further attempts at making me overpay as demanding money with menaces!
    09-09-2019, 18:26 PM
  • Reply to estimated utility bill
    I think if you closed the account and sent a photo of meter reading .

    It should force the electricity supply company to give you a closing account, based on actual meter reading....
    09-09-2019, 17:57 PM
  • Reply to Sole Trader to Limited Lease
    Ok that makes perfect sense. Didn’t see it like that. Does anyone know if there are grounds to evict me? I know it’s difficult without anyone seeing the lease but any advise is appreciated....
    08-09-2019, 17:35 PM
  • Reply to Sole Trader to Limited Lease
    The company is paying a rent that you personally owe, without your paying the company in return. That seems to be the same principle as the company paying your medical insurance.
    07-09-2019, 10:42 AM
  • Reply to Sole Trader to Limited Lease
    My accountant said this was not an issue so unsure why you would say I need to declare the rent as a benefit in kind. I am just worried that the landlord will have grounds to evict me as he claims what I have done is a major breach of the contract. I personally don’t see it’s an issue as the rent...
    07-09-2019, 07:00 AM