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    Subtenant eviction notice

    18 months ago, with our landlord's agreement, we sold a shipping container to a friend for her to convert for her business use on our site. As we were friends we didn't have a formal written agreement, just a verbal one for one third of the rent. 18 months on we have had one single rent payment this month. There are other shared costs, agreed verbally, that she has yet to pay for; and items relating to branding, signage etc that I paid for which has just been reimbursed although as she hasn't stated what the money was for we have said it was for these expenses.

    I emailed her with a breakdown of all costs and so far we have received no payment t although we have had a meeting. She has made no acknowledgment that she has failed to lay her rent or costs. I'm seeing a solicitor on Wednesday but to save my sanity before then I wondered if we had the right to give her notice to quit and remove her container as the rent is so far 18 months in arrears. Even if she pays it do we still have the right to ask her as we feel this is unreasonable behaviour and do not want her on our business site.

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  • garage lease
    Hi All,

    What is the average ball park figure for a lease length for a garage in London. it has its own title deed. If the lease is around 20 years remaining. is it as simple as applying for a lease extension , or can the freeholder withhold?

    thank you
    18-08-2019, 13:22 PM
  • Reply to garage lease
    After the lease ends the freeholder may not wish to extend it and if so it will become their property? if for arguments sake the lease is 20 years remaining (unsure what the average is for a garage) and I have yet to purchase the garage, is it best to agree on extension before purchase?

    18-08-2019, 21:43 PM
  • Reply to garage lease
    You have no statutory rights here at all (it is not a residential property). So it is matter of asking for a price and agreeing that, if you get agreement, otherwise there is nil you can do. In 20 years it will case to be your lease controlled garage....
    18-08-2019, 17:34 PM
  • Authorised Guarantee Agreement

    2.5 years ago, I sold a leasehold business and assigned the lease to the new people, I had to sign an AGA.

    I hear last week somebody else has now purchased the business, I would assume the lease has been assigned to the new people and therefore my liability has been released......
    18-08-2019, 14:06 PM
  • Sound insulation between Units
    I am an investor in a gym operating out of a former warehouse unit in an industrial area. The unit next to us (owned by same LL) is becoming vacant, and I am checking out the risk of future noise complaints.

    The business is a gym which uses music. We have the correct use class covering...
    11-08-2019, 09:27 AM
  • Reply to Sound insulation between Units
    I'm not concerned, but unfortunately other people are. And if I have a good answer to the questions I can head them off at the pass !...
    11-08-2019, 10:39 AM
  • Reply to Sound insulation between Units
    I wouldn't concern myself. If someone rents a place next to a gym, they would surely notice it when they viewed.
    11-08-2019, 09:39 AM
  • Lease expired
    We own an industrial unit occupied by tenants paying monthly rent under the terms of a nine year lease that expired four years ago. We need the premises ourselves and I understand we can apply to obtain vacant possession as we need the premises ourselves to run our property business from. We need to...
    03-08-2019, 08:40 AM
  • Reply to Lease expired
    If the existing nine years lease contains rent reviews then depending upon the wording of the review interval/frequency then it may be possible to review the rent without renewing the lease.

    If you've owned the property for at least 5 years then under LTA54 s30(1)(g) you could oppose renewal...
    04-08-2019, 09:32 AM
  • Tenant no lease
    Hello Everyone,

    I am hoping to get some advice and direction all of you. I have a tenant who moved into a commercial property 3 years ago. Prior to moving in, the tenant agreed to sign a lease etc however we somehow provided him with the keys and he started trading from there without a...
    16-07-2019, 19:37 PM