commercial lease forfeiture

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  • Llord2019
    Thank you for reply much appreciated

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  • Lawcruncher
    You can sue now. The rent is due whether or not relief is granted.

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  • Llord2019
    started a topic commercial lease forfeiture

    commercial lease forfeiture

    We own commercial premises and the tenant has moved out and refusing to pay any rent. The lease expires next year July 2020. We exercised peaceable entry yesterday by changing the locks and notifying the tenant as the rent had been and paid for more than 14 days.

    We have used the rent deposit to cover the rent arrears as much as possible but there is still a shortfall of about £400.

    Would I go through courts to recover the debt? If so can I do that now or do i wait for 6 months after the time for relief from forfeiture passes?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    We have a Residents Management Company for the property where I reside. At present, we have 2 Directors, one of whom is my goodself. I resigned at the AGM for numerous reasons, leaving 1 Director. The Managing Agent is unhappy with this as the RMC will only have 1 Director when the Memorandum and Articles...
    27-01-2020, 19:42 PM
  • Reply to Minimum Number of Directors for a Residents Management Company (RMC)
    by leaseholder64
    I can't read your articles from here, so have no idea of whether or not they require 2 directors.

    I'm not aware of CH having any enforcement role.

    The one remaining director will be personally responsible for the consequences of any decision that they make, and the company...
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    I rent a small shop which has a flat above and 2 outbuildings I have no access to. The flat has its own electricity supply but my supply is also supplying the outer buildings which we wasn’t told about prior to leasing, as the supply is in my name I’m having to pay for a supply that I’m not using...
    27-01-2020, 16:50 PM
  • Reply to Is Sub Metering ILLEGAL?
    by nukecad
    As above, turn off the power at the meter before the split.

    I realise this will leave your tattoo business without power, rearrange appointments for that day and balance any loss of a days business against paying for someone elses electricty.

    If you are absolutely sure that...
    28-01-2020, 00:38 AM
  • Reply to Is Sub Metering ILLEGAL?
    by Mrs Dingle
    It could be helpful to you to establish their usage. If you turn off all the switches at the consumer unit and one by one flick each switch up and establish what it supplies and label each one as you do. That will help you in the future if you have an elecrical problem anyway. This will identify which...
    27-01-2020, 21:48 PM
  • Reply to Is Sub Metering ILLEGAL?
    by theartfullodger
    When you wrote to landlord, keeping copy,about the electric query what response did you get?

    Yes, switch power off & wait & see who shouts!
    27-01-2020, 20:00 PM
  • Reply to Is Sub Metering ILLEGAL?
    by KazzaHallett79
    The outer buildings don’t have their own meter, the supply is split after the meter and I get the bill for us all, my landlord cannot get any contributions from the people he lets those other buildings to. Should the supply be in his name do you know as I cannot afford almost £3,400 every 6 months...
    27-01-2020, 19:39 PM
  • Reply to Is Sub Metering ILLEGAL?
    by nukecad
    That does not seem to be sub-metering, (which is legal if done correctly) unless the outer buildings have their own meters?

    If the outer buildings are using your metered supply without contributing then bring things to a head to get the problem taken seriously.

    Flip the switches...
    27-01-2020, 19:18 PM
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