Facilities being taken away

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    Facilities being taken away


    I'm not sure what section this should be on.

    I’m a leaseholder within a gated community. We have had a private bar / restaurant here since the early nineties.

    Recently, the freeholders bought the lease of the bar / restaurant back from the owners of the bar / restaurant. They have closed it and refused to say what will happen to it. It has been stated that it may not be a bar / restaurant going forward.

    I’m concerned that the price of the properties will go down, as it is a selling point.

    Does anyone else have ideas on whether we can stop them from making it into something else

    I think this is a question about residential leases, so should be in the long leasehold section.

    Unless you lease has a lessor covenant that requires the provision of this facility, all I can see your doing is challenging planning consent for the new use.


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