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    Changing Use rating to category D

    How easy is it to change a use rating to cat D from the other categories? And how much work does it involve? Thanks.

    Assuming by 'rating' you mean under Use Class D under planning law, the short answer is that it depends upon the planning authority's policy for the premises and location. And if the premises are on lease whether the landlord/lease would allow change of use to a Class D use.


      Appreciate your response, thank you. So there has been no precedent set of late to make it easier to change class, with retail A1 outlets struggling on some parts of the high street at the moment. I'm trying to weigh up whether or not it is a good idea to widen my rental search to include premisses with another use class or if the likelihood to get the class changed to D from an A class will be so unlikely that it wouldn't be worth it.


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        Regardless of any negotiations with the landlord for the renewal lease, if the tenant does not protect its renewal rights before the end date in the s25 notice then it would have no legal right to remain in occupation of the premises after that end date.

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        "I had a clause added to the lease under the repairs section 'The tenant shall not be required to put the property in any better state or condition than it was at the time of this lease'."

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        I think it has to be the case that the landlord cannot hope to settle a dilapidations claim if he denies the tenant's surveyor access, but I have not been able to find confirmation of that online. I suggest you check the point with a surveyor.
        08-07-2019, 17:28 PM
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        Thanks Lawcruncher

        The landlords have stated that we can't gain access to the properynow the lease has ended....
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