Deceased Tenant - Landlord changed locks

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    Deceased Tenant - Landlord changed locks

    Hello, I'm helping an elderly neighbour with a problem which has arisen due to a non-contract issue.

    The elderly neighbour (tenant) died last year in August. He had rented a workshop from a local landlord with apparently no contract and cheques being paid. The widow is unfortunately suffering from early onset dementia but is speaking coherently. She doesn't know where the cheque stubs are. According to her, the husband knew he was very ill and found another person to take over the workshop and to pay him for the tools and materials in there.

    It looks like the new tenant has not contacted the landlord to take over and the widow does not have his number. She managed to find the address of the landlord and I went to speak to him. He was quite rude and said he wasn't going to return the workbenches and tools to the widow without the last quarterly rent being paid. I asked if there was a signed contract and he told me it was none of my business. He said the locks have been changed and if anyone attempts entry he will call the police. He ask me to leave his shop quite br

    Unfortunately the widow gets distressed whenever the subject of the money comes up and she repeatedly asks where her husbands tools are and if his things are safe. I've even considered paying the final rent myself but the landlord refused to discuss how much the rent was and what was the outstanding balance. I'm not sure if there was any deposit outstanding.

    I've made an appointment with the Citizens Advice Bureau but I'd like to know if anyone has experience of anything like this and what can be done?

    Thank you.

    What is widow going to do with tools?

    It's just dementia talking. Forget about it IIWY.


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