Disaster with commercial let help please!

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    Disaster with commercial let help please!

    Hi thanks for reading
    I’ve been privately rent two offices for purpose of running various baby groups sensory massage etc

    anyway i I have formed a close friendship with my landlord over the past year (I know facepalm)
    and yep it’s all gone wrong I’m now leaving and he is being awful

    I have also found out the property is registered for b1 business use which I think means he never should of allowed me to use it?
    or am I wrong?
    as it was a private letting there was no brochure etc the contract doesn’t mention it either

    next problem
    I rented it privately and just our names are on tenancy agreement now I have had a letting agent approach me to tell me he’s doing a check out with me and my deposit
    which seems madness as he didn’t see the office when I took the tenancy

    any help please ease in total despair

    I would say it was planning class D1 or sui generis. Definitely not B1.


      There is an argument that the use is B1. An office use is B1 if it is not used for financial or professional services (other than health/medical) or for a use "appropriate to provide in a shopping area, where the services are provided principally to visiting members of the public".

      As you have a business tenancy the landlord cannot end it without following the correct procedure - see here: https://www.gov.uk/government/public...-and-landlords The only exceptions are (a) if the lease was contracted out, as to which see Q 5 in the guide, and (b) if the lease was a for a term of 6 months or less (if that is the case let us know and further information can be supplied).


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