Investigating the awareness of the Energy Performance Certificate

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    Investigating the awareness of the Energy Performance Certificate


    I am currently a final year student at Nottingham Trent University studying Quantity Surveying and Construction Commercial Management and I was hoping I could get some assistance. I am currently writing my dissertation on the awareness the industry has of the Energy Performance Certificate and I have a 30 second questionnaire that assists with my study. If you could please follow the link below and answer the questions, it would be greatly appreciated and a massive help to me being able to complete my dissertation and degree.

    The beginning section of the questionnaire is a small introduction to the EPC and 10 multiple answer questions follow. The survey has been developed to understand the awareness the industry has on various aspects relating to the Energy Performance Certificate, so even if the respondent has very little knowledge, that too benefits my study.

    Thank you for your time

    Sam, I have completed your survey, I wish to respond to Question 5 separately. 5.The Recommendation Report is a report issued with the Energy Performance Certificate and details recommendations on how to improve the energy performance of the building. Do you agree with this statement?

    Yes, No, I am not sure.

    The idea of the EPC is to provide recommendations on how to improve the energy performance of the building. I have looked into EPCs recently as I had to improve one of my properties from an F to an E. It turns out the both the original and the new EPC evaluator assumed that the rear of my property was an extension due to the difference in ceiling height. Neither of the appeared to have put their head out of the window which would have clearly shown that it was part of the original building.
    I also recently compared my daughter's EPC for new property she is renting and under the "Recommendations" they had not provided one bit of information. Now surely the idea of the report is to assist the LL to make improvements to their property and reduce bills to the tenants.

    As a result of this how can the report even allow the Evaluator to not enter any information in this section.

    My assessment of the EPC is hence as such:
    1) They are only as good as the person carrying out the survey
    2) Assessors are often not providing the information the LL requires to make improvements
    3) The forms could include useful information such as installing 50% double glazing will earn you ? points, draught proofing will earn you ? points.
    That way the LL can very easily decide on the best and most cost effective method to increase the EPC rating.

    However if assessors continue to make basic mistakes the EPC won't truly reflect the actual rating of the property anyway.


      Shearne, thank you for completing the survey and thank you for your detailed response, responses such as these really do assist with my study. I have found that there are a lot of problems with the assessors and inconsistencies with their reports. One individual I interviewed mentioned that they often advise clients to pay for a second assessment for their property, should it fall out of the new minimum requirement, as the inconsistencies with different assessors can often result in a better grade. It is something I will definitely address in my thesis.

      Thank you again


        I've answered for you from a residential letting pov. I do think the epc is a good idea when used correctly though lots of techs are lazy! Lots of assumptions and a guaranteed recommendation 'led bulbs' (will save the world)

        At the bottom end it doesn't influence end users as they follow the cheap rent unfortunately there's often no choice.


          I answered the survey. With respect, I think it would've been more helpful and useful to you to have provided Q and A for different types of commercial property. For example at Q10, I wouldn't have thought the average investor for shop property or an industrial shed would be deterred, whereas the average investor for an office building might well be.

          Ultimately EPC and RR are intended to improve the built0environment to a minimum standard commensurate with Government objectives. climate change, etc. Which in the case of let property means landlords or tenants or both having to fork out for the expense!

          Two years ago, for a landlord I negotiated new lease to the tenant. Because the new lease only came about as a consequence of the tenant's failure to protect renewal rights, we got an EPC, otherwise it wouldn't have been necessary to get an EPC until April this year. The rating came out below the minimum but as the EPC provider told me the rating would have passed if the light bulbs were changed. In other words, for approximately £200 to include new fittings where necessary the EPC would've have passed and the property lettable Which in my view is a nonsense. I would agree that where the work necessary to satisfy rating E is substantial then F or G is ok, but a few light bulbs rendering the property unlettable is a nonsense, surely?


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