Correct format (template?) to advise new rent at Rent Review

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    Correct format (template?) to advise new rent at Rent Review

    Good Afternoon.

    Can anybody please advise me if there is a template for serving notice to a commercial tenant of a new rental figure at the stipulated rent review time? The lease is a standard Fully Repairing and Insuring Commercial Lease. 15 year term.

    Thanks in anticipation.


    Not sure that there is a correct format or template. We ended up adapting something that we found via an internet search.


      Can you remember the web address?


        Nope. If you enter the following keywords into your browser - something suitable should pop up:

        "commercial rent review template"


          Thank you Lorimer


            I am not aware of any template. In any event, I's be wary.

            The wording of the rent review must accord with the requirements of the lease, so too the method of serving notices. The lease will either state what wording is to be used or, if the lease is silent, ie no mention of the wording, then a simple letter would suffice.

            The following is an example of a notice I issued where under the lease notices are to be by recorded delivery (s196 Law of Property Act) and the landlord is a successor landlord:

            "TO: name and address of tenant

            Dear Sir

            re (address of premises). Recorded Delivery

            Pursuant to the Lease ? between (1) aaaa, whose interest is vested in bbbb ((“the Landlord”) and (2) ccccc (“the Tenant”), on behalf of the Landlord for whom I am Agent, Notice is hereby given to review the rent as at the review date (insert date) .

            Please note: the Lease does not require a notice to trigger the review so this Notice is a courtesy.

            I shall be writing separately (with a proposal) to the revised rent."

            Please note that unless the lease requires the rent to be specified in the notice there is no reason to do so.


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