Can a landlord make a tenant pay for extension regularisation costs?

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    Can a landlord make a tenant pay for extension regularisation costs?

    My landlord has a commercial property with 3 floors. Ground floor is leased to us. The 1st floor has an extension which doesnt have building regulations. This extension has been in place for 10 years. We want regularisation of the extension. However stupidly my partner took lease out without survey and we have 50% responsibility for repair costs etc. Is it correct to assume that we will have to pay 50% of costs for any works relating to regularisation? Including possible costs relating to knocking it down?

    thank you.

    I don't think ll would have a leg to stand on if it came to court. Just don't pay.


      Thank you for responding. That was my initial common sense thought but someone with legal background suggested that since its a full repair lease and when combined with the fact that we didnt do survey etc (therefore buyer beware) it makes us part liable for any possible costs as the unregulated works have an impact on the building ie structure etc. Since it would be like any other repair that we may be asked to contribute to.


        I think this is something only a judge would be able to answer. If you are asked for the money, tell landlord you will wait for a judge to answer it. (It's landlord who has to sue you. Not that you have to sue him.)


          Thank you again


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