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    Short Term Lease

    Tenant has exercised break clause for current lease (which is excluded from LTA 1954) and it is due to end in April.

    Tenant has since stated they would like to remain for a further 4month term.

    What happens if tenant remains in occupation, would this become a periodic tenancy with LTA protections?

    What are my options here? Tenancy at Will? and any idea on rough costs?

    Feedback much appreciated.


    anyone able to offer any suggestions?


      My view. Contracted out and served break. Lease ends on break date. Tenant is then in under new agreement - 54 protection will then be an issue unless -

      • where the term of the lease is for 6 months or less (unless the lease allows for an extension); or
      • where the tenant’s total period of occupation does not exceed 12 months.


        In terms of documenting this what would be required? is a simple letter outlining terms sufficient?

        And what notice period would the tenant/landlord have to provide to quit?


          in addition to the above...a dilapidations schedule has been served with regards to the current lease...

          would the grant of a tenancy at will prejudice any claim for dilapidations?

          any views, thoughts, opinions or comments is greatly appreciated!


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