Tenancy For Life ?

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    Tenancy For Life ?

    I have been renting some Agricultural Land land since 1984 off a Public Body, my lease ran out a few years ago and I have carried on paying the rent.
    They have a "New" Managing Agent, and on their "Rent Invoice" they state Without Prejudice to Expiry 30/06/1994.

    I believe the Landlord does not have a copy of the lease and neither have I.

    Am I correct in that I believe I have a Lifetime Lease and the dating on the Rent Invoice acknowledges the Lease pre-dates later Landlord & Tenant legislation.

    You do not have a "lifetime lease" but probably a lease which it is difficult for the landlord to end during your lifetime. If, as is likely to be the case, you have a tenancy under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986, it did not end when the fixed term expired but continued under the Act. I cannot see there is any point in the rent invoice being marked "Without Prejudice to Expiry 30/06/1994" but I am no expert on agricultural tenancies.


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