Dealing with nosey people adverse posession

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    Dealing with nosey people adverse posession

    Hi guys and merry christmas to you all..

    my topic is how to deal with nosey people during adverse occupation! To make it short i have found a plot that had been vacant abandoned for years and years used as a tipping ground,full of bracken and unloved, i have made all the checks its unregistered and nobody knows who owned it..the closest thing i can find that a neighbouring plot sold in 1923 and was owned by some duke or lord but that's all i can find on it...having taken the plunge fenced it off rebuilt walls and planted conifers..all of a sudden people are interested in it..well more like a interest in me. Asking personal questions and what my intentions are ect..i have not told them what i am doing aka a squatter as they will probably have a heart attack..wealthy area lots of retired well off folks..i am not a rude abrupt person..but i can be..whats the best approch or vocabulary when dealing with these people..i dont want to make enemy's but i am.not getting schooled by old folks who seem to be patronisong and quite rude asking lots of questions but in a nice way, its easy to see they are fishing... thanks guys

    They are quite within their rights to ask (and raise concerns) about who is trespassing on local land, and what their intentions are.

    And until adverse possession is actually granted then that's all you are at the moment - a trespasser.
    The fact that you have put up fences and rebuilt walls makes no difference, you are still currently a trespasser in the eyes of the law.

    Wouldn't you be intrested if someone suddenly started doing work on land near your home?
    Wouldn't you want to know what their plans were?

    At the moment the locals are talking to you, if you don't respond and/or allay their concerns then they will probably start taking a more 'official' or legal interest.

    There probably quite pleased that someone is now caring for what sounds like a previous eyesore, but obviously have an understandable interest in what your future intentions may be.

    I assume this is the same land previously posted about here:
    The answers given there still apply.

    I'm not sure if its the same parcel you were thinking of taking possession of here:
    The details seem different.


      People are at liberty to ask and you are at liberty to decline to answer.

      What adverse possession is is often misunderstood. As soon as you go on land and adversely possess it you have title to it. It is a title good against the world other than someone who can show a better title. Whilst an adverse possessor is himself a trespasser he can oust anyone who comes onto the land after him. The fact it is a title good against the world does not though make it a marketable title.

      To acquire title the possession must be truly adverse. What amounts to adverse depends on the circumstances. To be in adverse possession of land which does not immediately adjoin* land you already own you need to be doing something significant on it. None of the following count: (a) just fencing the land (b) putting up a sign saying "No trespassers" (c) keeping the land tidy or mowing it (d) planting trees on it (e) holding pic-nics on it once a year. You need to be doing something like growing produce and harvesting it or keeping animals on it or using it as a riding school. Any use needs to be continuous rather than occasional.

      * By "immediately adjoin" I mean adjoin without anything like a fence or road intervening.


        Thanks for your reply guys! So if anyone else had an idea to think ohh i will tresspass his tresspass i have a right to turf them out?if so what kind of words would i use? Sonething like i have a interest in this land please leave or simmilar? I did have a run in with a jelouse neighbour when i started posession nearly 12 months ago. As soon as i made a move on it and started to fence it the fun started..the next day my fence was damaged..i just played cool and let it go put it right and carried on.the next day more damaged was apparent, i called the cops they went to see them and all damage stopped!, the thing is its in 1 hell of a spot closest house sold for over half a milllion 10years ago i could fit 3 of these in the derilict land! Not like i want to, but you can see the old retired buisiness minds beginning to tick tock. And i dont want to say to much to them in this situation. So law cruncher i have a right to turf anyone of these people if they made some kind of move on it ouf?..yes the land dose not ajoin my own you are correct i live 10 miles away. Yoi say harvesting crops.. what if i planted and harvested christmas trees, willow trees for basket and wicker making!, its quite a large area so to plant crops it would only take a small part of it up! Cheers guys


          If anyone comes onto the land and queries your right to be on the land your response is to ask what right they have to be on the land.

          If you want to adversely possess a large area of land you cannot get away from the requirement to possess all of it in a meaningful way - token possession will not do. It is not possible to second-guess what will satisfy the Land Registry when you come to apply for registration of the land. Setting up a plantation of willow or trees may do. An orchard may be better as in the season you can put up "pick-your-own" signs.


            I'd tell anyone asking questions that you're just doing some work for someone.
            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


              Great answers guys, doing work for someone is a great answer and the idea of planting a orchard is great, least i am willing to share fruits of my labour with the locals!, having just come from the squat, doing some work and planting ect i have noticed that the only house that shares a direct boundary with it had cut some bushes on their side of the boundary back, and obviously discovered my fence!! Not on their land i have detailed plans and boundarys off tge land registry before i lay a fence.. what i did notice when i did take it over that this house that shares a direct boundary was cutting their bushes and dumping the brash on my side of the fence if you like but this recent cut had not been dumped on my side..happy days i guess!! Now i suppose the fun will begin see how they react to me being next door!!

              cheers guys some great answers hear!


                I would assume that you eventually plan to build on this plot, or sell it to a builder?

                You need to think carefully about how establishing use, as say an orchard, might affect any future planning application for residential use.

                You also need to think about your relationship with the locals, lying to them now may predjudice their opinions if/when you do come to apply for planning permision.


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