Adverse posession of adverse posession

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  • Avoriaz123
    started a topic Adverse posession of adverse posession

    Adverse posession of adverse posession

    Hi guys. All brand new on hear so please be gentle. English second language grammer may be poor..

    my job gets me out and about all over rural wales. And i notice parcels of land unoccupied,empty, abandoned,.i did some homework on one estste..large mabe 10 acres of fields and a old falling down ruin.belived findings through local knowlege, land reg ect nearly drew a old farmer stated that way before his time that a old farmer lived there/farmed it, died and the rest of familly couldnt decide what to do with it.all the fields buildings are coming back as unregistered.i have now sent a application for a sim..index map search for the owners..its pending.meanwhile i have chained the gate and made my precence known on the chain hasent been tampered with or i havent been approached..although i saw a field that was encroaching on the estste that was registered and downloaded the 2013..3 australians gained possesory title in 2013. I called land reg and the guy i spoke to found it funny that auzzies have gained a posessory title.and commented that another big field has had a 1st registration application.i am.assuming the auzzies.i will enquire for this monday.i am led to belive that the auzzies maybe trying to recapture there old estste as they all bear welsh names/sirnames.but as in land reg title states no deeds were apparent with the 1st reg of the 1st field they aquired. now it looks that they are moving on to the signs of adverse possesion apparent,no fences, locked gates, or any work cutting clearing i am allways in question is what happens if these people try and claim the fields ,old building that i am in posession of with a locked gate ect? Can i be kicked off or as they only have a possesory title they have a fight on there hands?..also would it be wise to contest there registration of that new field, as no apparent show of factual possesion is apparent..any advice welcomed. Thanks.

  • wfd_property
    Your title is better than theirs. They can't evict you, but the paper title holder can.

    Make the land look occupied and used though. Then they most probably won't try.

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